Our Heartlinks school newsletter is emailed to parents once a fortnight and archived on the school website to be read at your convenience.

Take the time to read it, as it will provide valuable information about what’s happening in the learning space and our school.

  2019 Heartlinks 25th October

In this issue... 90 seconds with the Principal, World teachers day, MTP colour challenge fun day, NRMA Science and road safety week, Parent university, Westmead Catholic Community Parent engagement session, Kindy 2020 Parent information evening, Kiss n Drop, Sports News, Catherine McAuley open day


  2019 Heartlinks 30th August

90 seconds with the Principal, Bingo disco thank you, Father's day, Kindergarten 2020 parent information evening, Julie Owens Christmas card competition, occupational therapist working with MTP, cuppa with the Principal, Mother Teresa feast day, Book week and Literacy and numeracy week, student poetry, Sports news, Parish Sacramental programme

  2019 Heartlinks - 16th August

90 Seconds with the Principal, Bingo Disco night, ACARA Data Collection, Occupational Therapist, Cuppa with the Principal, 1-2-3 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course, Book Week / Literacy Numeracy Week, Father's Day Liturgy, Skoolbag Updates, Sports News, Premiers' Reading Challenge, School Fees, Parenting Ideas,

  2019 Heartlinks 2nd August

90 Seconds with the Principal, Bingo Disco Fundraiser, Genius Hour, Online Safety Information Evening, ACARA Collection Notification, Student forum, 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching Parent Course, Book Week, Literacy and Numeracy week, Father's Day Liturgy, Woolies Earn & Learn, School fees, Great writing

  2019 Heartlinks 21st June

In this issue... Half Yearly Reports, MTP Choir, Parent University, Bingo / Disco Fundraiser, Acting REC, Online Safety Workshop, Tell Them from Me Survey, Winter Sleepout, School Fees, Sports News, First Eucharist, Managing your child's Anxiety Webinar

  2019 Heartlinks 10th May

In this issue - 90 Seconds with the Principal, welcome back, Mother's Day and International Day of families, cuppa with the Principal, new canteen supplier, school writing goal, NAPLAN, data validation survey, communicating with the Executive Director of CEDP, Parent Reprasentative Council, REC, Kindergarten 2020 interviews, NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, Woolworths Earn & Learn,Sports News

  2019 Heartlinks 5th April

90 Seconds with the Principal, Thursday morning coffee and hot chocolate, WHS parking and safety, celebration of learning, Stage 3 Canberra excursion, new curriculum trial, walk for water, ANZAC march, Premier's Reading Challenge, Tuckshop 2 U, First Eucharist, NAPLAN online

  2019 Heartlinks 22nd March

90 seconds with the principal, Harmony day, School photos, Police visit - cyber safety, Celebration of Learning, NAPLAN online, School Fees, Inquiry learning at Parramatta Marist, Premiers' Reading Challenge, Cuppa with the Principal, Tuck-shop 2 U closing, Kindergarten enrolments, High school enrolments, WHS Parking and safety,Sacramental programme

  2019 Heartlinks 8th March

90 Seconds with Dr Justin Coulson, Dr Justin Coulson thankyou, Catholic schools week, Cuppa with the Principal, Tuckshop 2 U, Kindergarten and new families welcome BBQ, Seesaw app, enrolments, News in sport

  2019 Heartlinks 22nd February

90 Seconds with the Principal, Dr Justin Coulson visit, Opening school mass, home/school communication, Seesaw, Cuppa with the Principal, parent forum, Kindy and new families welcome BBQ, enrolments

  2019 Heartlinks 8th February

90 Seconds with the Principal, a great start, Kindy and new families welcome BBQ, parent and carers volunteer form, cuppa with the Principal, meet and greets, school times and procedures, hot weather, school uniform

  Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter 2018

In this issue: Principal's Update, Dates to Remember, Sport Colour Fun Day, Year 6 Graduation, PRC News, Christmas Concert, Welcome 2019 Staff, Parent Survey, Parent's Representative Council, Community News & more...

  23rd November 2018 Heartlinks

In this issue: 90 Seconds with the Principal, Important Dates, Christmas Concert 13 December, PRC News, News Sport, Education/Learning- Parenting Ideas, Community News and much more....!

  9th November 2018 - Heartlinks

90 Seconds with the Principal, Excursions, Staffing News, Congratulations Anabelle and Oindrila, Welcome Kindergarten 2019, WHS Evacuation Drill, Genius Hour, REC, Celebrating Writing and Art, PRC Next meeting, Earth Ministry, Catherine McAuley Open Days

  26th October 2018 Heartlinks

In this issue... 90 seconds with the Principal, Parent forum, cuppa with the Principal, NAPLAN data, MTP Colour challenge, FIAT celebration, celebrating more great writing, PRC meeting, Parramatta Foundation Day

  28th September 2018 - Current Heartlinks

In this issue... 90 Seconds with the Principal, reading at home, celebration of learning, welcoming new families, farewell Miss Ghaby and welcome Miss Sherry, World Teachers Day, Colour Challenge Day, School Sunglasses, 2nd hand uniform

  14th September 2018 Heartlinks

90 Seconds with the Principal, Tell Them From Me survey feedback, Parent University, Celebration of Learning, WHS, WYD Tickets, Jersey Day, MTP Fun Day, School Uniform,

  31st August 2018 - Heartlinks

90 Seconds with the Principal, Feast of Mother Teresa, Literacy and Numeracy Week, Happy Father's Day, PRC,COSHC Vacation Care, WYD Raffle Tickets, 1st Reconciliation Enrolment dates

  Current Heartlinks 17th August 2018

90 Seconds with the Principal, Bingo/Disco Evening Thank You, Voice of Youth, REC Message, WHS, PRC next meeting, Important Dates, WYD Raffle Tickets, Sports News, ACARA information, Uniform Pricelist,

  Current Heartlinks 3rd August 2018

What is Enquiry Learning, Attendance, Bingo/Disco Evening, Book Week, NAPLAN Online, House of Welcome, Parenting Seminar, Feast of St Mary of the Cross, PRC, Key Dates

  Current Heartlinks - 6th July 2018

Farewell Mrs Baird, Parent University, Thank you teachers and parents, Bingo/Disco Night 2018, Vinnies Winter Sleepout, Sports News, NAIDOC Week, Upcoming Events

  Current Heartlinks - 22nd June 2018

In this issue: 90 Seconds With the Principal, Celebrating Our Writing, Vinnies Winter Sleepout, Parent University, Student Writing, The Brave and Valiant Camp, Community News & more...

  Current Heartlinks - 8th June 2018

90 seconds with the Principal, Staff Development Day, Confirmation information, student pick up, Japanese host visit, school holiday combined parishes camp, sports news

  Current Heartlinks - 25th May 2018

sharing our gifts, what will my child learn at school, celebration of learning, parent university, parent contacts, parent helpers library, second hand uniform, feast of the Sacred Heart, Police liaiason visit, sports news, bus changes

  Current Heartlinks - 11th May 2018

Assessing your child, NAPLAN, NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, Police liason visit, photo day, school uniform, school fees, comedy for a cause, PRC flyer, Catherine McAuley open morning

  Current Heartlinks - 6th April 2018

School attendance, thank you, Holiday learning at home, Second Hand Uniforms, School safety zones, Parent Reflection day, NSW Premiers' Reading Challenge, Winter uniform

  Current Heartlinks - 23rd March

School goals, learning goals, Harmony day, Parent links, Parent Representative Council, Kindergarten enrolments 2019, support for new families, home school communication, parent help, book covering, parent reflection day, First Eucharist sacrament

  Current Heartlinks - 9th March

School goals, communication between school and home, Recognition cards, Diocesan PRC, Brainstorm productions, Road safety week, No smoking, student eating time, PRC calendar

  Current Heartlinks - 23rd February 2018

Opening School Mass, Kindergarten & New families welcome BBQ, Catholic Schools Week, School Tour, Enrolments, Sports for Schools, Zone Swimming Carnival

  Current Heartlinks - 9th February 2018

Welcome, attendance, communication, Catholic School week, Safety, School fees

  Current Heartlinks - 15th December 2017

Digital Child Safety Handbook, 2018 Staffing, EMU Testing, Teen Ranch

  Current Heartlinks - 1st December 2017

Christmas Concert, End of Year Thanksgiving Mass, Mr Borgs farewell speech, Stage 3 Oz Tag, Stage 3 Rugby Union, Stage 2 Volleyball, Sporting Grant

  Current Heartlinks - 17th November

90 seconds with Mini Vinnies, Mr Borg thank you, save the dates, mufti day

  Current Heartlinks - 3rd November 2017

90 Seconds with the Leaders, Mr Borg's farewell, All Saints All Souls, St Vincent de Paul reusable bags, reminders (late arrival, no smoking, no pets, bathroom facitilities), Sacred Heart Fete, McAuley open morning

  Current Heartlinks

New Principal appointment, Mr Borg farewell, keeping everyone safe

  Current Heartlinks - 22nd September 2017

Mr Borg Farewell, Motiv8 sports day, staff development day, summer uniform, will you be here in 2018?

  Current Hearlinks 9th September 2017

Celebration of Learning Term 3 MTP Parent University - Reading Comprehension Notification of Return to MTP in 2018

  Current Hearlinks 25th August 2017

Parent University reading comprehension Fathers' Day Liturgy Fathers' Day Stall Staff car park safety message

  Current Heartlinks - 11th August 2017

Bingo Night, school reminders, changing world conference, Premiers' Reading Challenge, Book Week performance, Woolworths Earn & Learn, 1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching

  Current Heartlinks - 28th July 2017

Staffing updates, Bingo / Disco night fundraiser, Staff development day, Census

  Current Heartlinks - 30th June 2017

Bingo Night, Soccer Gala Day, Athletics, Premiers' Reading Challenge, Every Learner Every Day

  Current Heartlinks - 16th June

Celebration of Learning, Parent University (Cybersafety), Bingo Disco Night, Mini Vinnies, Staff Development Day, Premiers' Reading Challenge

  Current Heartlinks - 2nd June

Parent University - Cyber Safety, Supervision, Mini Vinnies Winter Apeal, Celebration of Learning, Staff Development Day, Every Day Every Learner

  Current Heartlinks - 19th May 2017

Rug Up, Winter Uniform, Principal's Reading Challenge, COSHC Vacation Care, Comedy for a Cause, Parent University, Staff Development Day

  Current Hearlinks 5th May, 2017

Naplan, School fees

  Current Hearlinks 31st March 2017

Mr Borg on Leave Lent ANZAC Day March Winter School Unifrom

  Current Heartlinks - 17th March

Enrolments, Lent, Reminders, Sport teams, Sacrament of First Eucharist,My Time Pamphlet, Premier's Reading Challenge

  Current Heartlinks - 3rd March 2017

Enrolment, Marist & McAuley Open Days, Kiss and Drop, Parent Representative Council

  Current Heartlinks

Enrolment, Supervision, School Fees, Zone Swimming Carnival

  Current Heartlinks

Supervision, Learning Studio Videos,

  Current Heartlinks - 2nd December 2016

Supervision, Leaving School, Complaint Handling, Christmas Concert

  Current Heartlinks - 18th November 2016

Numeracy, supervision, Are you here in 2017?, complaint handling, Parent Ideas (How to encourage kids to be problem-solvers)

  Current Heartlinks - 4th November

Families leaving school, MTP Maths, Uniform Shop

  Current Heartlinks - 21st October 2016

MTP University - Mathematics, Parish Shopping Trip, Parish Bus trip, Tuckshop-2-U

  Heartlinks - 23rd September 2016

Summer Uniform, No Smoking

  Current Heartlinks - 9th September 2016

MTP Parent University, Motiv8 Sports Day, 2016 Diocesan Athletics Carnival, McAuley Coaching Sessions, Parent Coaching Course, Community & Road Education Scheme

  Current Heartlinks - 26th August 2016

Father's Day Celebrations, Canonisation of Mother Teresa, Celebration of Learning, MTP Parent University, Motiv8 Sports, Staffing Update, Bingo / Disco Night, Canteen, Reminders (not walk through grounds, student access, no smoking on school grounds,

  Current Heartlinks - 12th August 2016

Book Week Performances, Father's Day celebrations, Mother Teresa Canonisation, canteen volunteers, Premier's Reading challenge, Cumberland Zone athletics

  Current Hearlinks 28th July 2016

Census, Bingo Night and Principal's Reading Challenge, Bingo-Disco Night, WYD2016, School Census, NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, Important Dates

  Current Heartlinks - 30th June 2016

Winter Sleepout, 3 Way Conferences, Staff Development Day, Premiers Reading Challenge, Athletics, Sacramental Programme, Parish Fundraising

  Current Heartlinks - 16th June 2016

Impetigo, PRG Meeting, Winter Whacky Mufti

  Current Heartlinks - 6th June 2016

PIE Evening, Being a Safe Community

  Current Heartlinks - 20th May 2016

PIE Evening, Staffing Update, Keeping Everyone Safe

  Current Heartlinks - 6th May

Winter Uniform, Keeping everyone safe, NSW Premier's Reading Challenge, Mathematician Toolkit, Cross Country, Holiday Reading Challenge, Complaint Handling Policy

  Current Heartlinkgs - 1st April

New Sign In, New Receipting process, Parent Support Group meeting, Enrolments 2017, Winter Uniform, Generous hearts (Project Compassion - Easter Baskets)

  Current Heartlinks - 18th March

Enrolments, Staffing Update, No thoroughfare through high schools, Partial absences if late, Sarah Davies author visit

  Current Heartlinks - 4th March 2016

Pilgrimage, Safe Community, School Fees, Catholic Schools Week

  Heartlinks - 19th February

School Fees, Zone Swimming, Lent

  Current Heartlinks - 3rd February

Welcome Video and Learning Studio Letter, Lent,

  Heartlinks - 11th December 2015

Staffing 2016, Christmas Concert, 2016 School Fees

  Current Heartlinks - 27th November 2015

Supervision, Christmas Appeal, WYD Tickets

  Heartlinks - 13th November 2015

Morning Supervision, Jump Up & Down 4 Kids, WYD Tickets, Leave during school term

  Current Heartlinks - 16th October 2015

Reconcilliation Information, New Parents Information Evening, Scholastic Book Club

  Current Heartlinks - 11th September 2015

Leave during School Term, School Flag Pole, COSCH Vacation Care, Summer Uniform, Woolworths Earn & Learn

  Heartlinks 27th August 2015

Catholic Mission, Zone Athletics, Woolworths Earn & Learn, Fathers' Day, MTP Feast Day

  Current Heartlinks - 14th August 2015

Being a safe Community, NSW Premiers Reading Challenge, School Fees, Woolworths Earn & Learn

  Current Heartlinks - 31/07/15

Winter Sleepout, Pilgrimage, School Census, Family Bingo/Disco Night

  Current Heartlinks - 16/07/2015

School Bingo / Disco Night, Parent Information Evening, Parramatta Principal Pilgrimage, Premier's Reading Challenge, Medical Alerts, Woolworths Earn & Learn

  Current Heartlinks - 25th June 2015

Woolworths Earn & Learn, First Holy Communion, Winter Vacation Care, Being Safe in the Community

  Heartlinks - 28th May

School Fees, soccer gala day, religious education, links for refugee council and caritas

  Current Heartlinks 14th May

Learning Reports, EMU Maths, Canteen Reminder

  Current Heartlinks 11th June

Winter Appeal, Winter Vacation Care

  Heartlinks - 29th April 2015

Learning Reports, FIDES Pilgrimage, Winter Uniform, Important Dates

  Heartlinks - 30th March 2015

School Uniforms, Premiers' Reading Challenge, Staff Development Day

  Heartlinks - 19th March 2015

Enrolments, Canteen Volunteers, Easter Collection, Project Compassion, Pupil Free Day, Winter Uniform, ANZAC celebration, School Photos, Medical Updates, Sacramental Programme

  Heartlinks - 5th March 2015

Enrolments 2016, School Fees, Catholic Schools Week, Diocesan Swimming Carnival

  Heartlinks - 5th February 2015

Current Staff, School Communication, Important School Information

  Heartlinks - 18th February 2015

Book Covering - Zone Swimming Carnival - Enrolments