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Learning & Teaching

Educational Philosophy

At Mother Teresa Primary we respect proven learning practices from the past, while also supporting 21st century learning and teaching. Our aim is to provide educational programs that are relevant and meet the needs of each individual student. Our programs will be designed to develop creative and compassionate lifelong learners. Mother Teresa Primary will be a ‘sustainable school’ incorporating environmentally active learning opportunities throughout the curriculum.

Assessment, formal and informal, will provide teachers with information regarding students’ needs and will inform programming which is flexible, but clearly directed. Reporting to parents will be done through both formal and informal processes.

Self and peer assessment will be encouraged as part of developing a culture of reflective learning. Opportunities will be provided for students to share and evaluate their learning experiences, reflecting on what worked and how it could have been done better. Teachers will provide quality feedback that provides support and extends students’ learning.

Mother Teresa primary will establish close relationships with our neighbouring Catholic secondary schools in the Westmead Catholic Education Precinct, and will endeavour to provide a smooth transition for our students from primary to secondary school.

Religious Education

As a Catholic school, it is an expectation that all students will engage in the Parramatta diocesan Religious Education program - Sharing Our Story.  This program will encourage students to not only know about the Catholic tradition, but to integrate it into their daily lives.

The scope and sequence of units have been adapted to cater for the parish based Sacramental program and student needs. The units of work are organised around seven content areas: God, Jesus, Church, Prayer, Sacraments, Scripture and Christian Life.

The school community will be involved in prayer experiences each day with an emphasis on Christian meditation. Eucharist will be celebrated as a community and all major liturgical events will be celebrated as a community.

Extra Curricular Activities

Mother Teresa Primary aims to offer its students access to a wide range of extra curricular activities. These activities include:

  • Learning Studio excursions and incursions
  • Japanese language and culture lessons
  • Outreach to the local community
  • Captivate A3 - Singing & Dancing Performance


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